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Family is often associated with “tradition”, “love”, “togetherness”. I like to also associate it with “fun”, “relaxed”, & maybe even “adventure”.

So what does it mean to have lifestyle photography? Family photography is more than just take pictures of your lifestyle. It’s about YOU. Whether that be in nature, or in your own home. When you choose lifestyle (or documentary) photography you choose to focus on the EXPERIENCE of unequivocally being you. So when your kids are all grown you can look back on these times fondly. 

So, you can choose to be in your home, or we can go to a beautiful beach, or park, or wherever it is that makes you happy. This is truly your choice. 

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How you doin’?

If you’re wondering which one is me, I’m the brunette in the family. My name is Dara and I am a lifestyle and family adventure photographer from Fort Myers, Florida. That being said, I am an ADVENTURE photographer (I’m always up to visit a new city!) and I often travel all over Florida. 

I’m a craft, DIY, and pun lover and try really hard to not take things too seriously. One thing that rings true whether it’s my family or yours: It’s the MOST important thing and I’m here to document it.

Honesty and Kindness from Families who trusted me to plan, direct, dress, & photograph their memories

Your search for lifestyle photography ends here. You found me. 🙂


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