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What's up! This is going to be PUN-believable

If you thought of a pun when you read that, I think you’ll be a perfect fit for my style of family photography. And if you didn’t then you better get in touch with me quick. I’ll add some puns to your arsenal. Haha! You know you want to! You’re welcome.

It must be fate you’ve ended up on my website while looking for and I am glad you have. Thanks for looking at what makes me, me!

My name is Dara and this is where I go when I can’t sleep and have a new idea. I am crafter and artist. When I am not busy kissing boo-boos and making snacks, you can find me with my camera where the sun is always shining (thanks Florida). My husband, kids, and other family are my support system and also my biggest fans. Who else do you think I practiced on when I first started?

I photograph your beautiful moments & memories. If you’re ready for your adventure, head over to the contact page to send me a quick hello.

In family photography I am looking for those natural, raw moments between people that love each other. Usually, I like to have a time where I just want you to be yourselves. This is when you have a tickle fight, or play tag, or just explore. We will have some posed photos (gotta get those pics for grandma, right?) but the raw, intimate moments between families come out when they’re completely unscripted.

My best, Dara

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Some of my favorite things:

Travel – any where, any time

Farm animals (especially pigs!)

Iced coffee with hazelnut creamer

Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, and way too many romantic comedies

DIY and crafting