What I do to help kids as a Children and Family Photographer

You may be wondering what it is I do as a children and family photographer. I don’t blame you, some may think I simply take photos of families and children but there is much more to it than that!

Photographing Kids and their Families

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Being a children and family photographer is so much fun! I get to meet so many amazing kids and talk to most of them about what they love and why they love it. But my whole job isn’t just saying cheese and clicking the button! There is a lot more that goes into photographing children.

So what does it take?

Patience! Often times when first meeting the photographer kids are scared or shy and don’t want anything to do with me! The thing I have found that works the best as a children photographer is to introduce myself and ask their name.

What's next?

Once I get their name I like to ask them what they’re interested in, ask them to tell me about it. I ALWAYS show genuine interest in what they are telling me about and make sure to ask questions. Next, I will take a few photos of them standing with their parents or siblings and show them! Children love to see themselves and as the photographer I can ease their fears by showing them!

Children take the lead

Another thing I like to do as a children and family photographer is to let the kids just take the lead! So many kids like to lead what’s happening, especially if they get to tell mom or dad what to do! This works especially well when the session takes place outdoors. They are usually so excited to show us where to go or what to do next.

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I hope you found this little bit of insight into what a children and family photographer does very informative! Sometimes it’s nice to know how your kids will be included in the photo session and how they can interact. I strive to provide you with as much quality information and tips and tricks as I possibly can! If you don’t see a topic here you would like to know more about simply send me an email and I’ll add it to my list.