Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

It is extremely important to me as your photographer that you feel completely comfortable with me before our session together. Especially because I will be interacting with the most important little people in your world.

Hopefully all of the answers here can give you a better idea of what I do, and make you feel more comfortable! If you have any further questions, please reach out to me and ask. I would absolutely love to hear from you!

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Well, don’t forget your children. Kidding! You’ll want to bring any snacks, formula, toys, or anything you may need to breastfeed comfortably. Kids tend to get a little overwhelmed or upset at some point during the session which is when the snacks come in handy! I also highly recommend a pacifier or a lovey if your child has one. Please know that I work with very few props but if you have something special to your family we can absolutely discuss bringing it.

I am ecstatic that you have lots of ideas for your session and you want to share them with me!  However, as an artist with a distinct style, and someone you’ve hired for that style I hope that you will trust my vision. Feel free to go through my gallery and choose any poses, outfits, locations, or anything else you may love from in there. I can absolutely try to replicate what you see in my gallery, but I would prefer to focus on creating images that  totally unique to you and your family!

If it looks like the weather is going to be bad, don’t worry! I will reach out to you a few days before your session (and again the day before) and we will make the final call about 2 hours before we’re supposed to meet. If it looks bad and like we won’t be able to make it work we can move your session a day or two forward, no worries!

Kids get upset, and frustrated, especially if there’s someone telling them to smile and look at the camera. It happens. The best thing you can do is to remain calm. Easier to talk about than do, right? Grumpy kids is something I show up to your session expecting. I like to try to connect with them and genuinely listen to them and what they have to say. Then they usually relax and enjoy telling me about dinosaurs or their favorite shows.

I’ve been around kids my entire life, from my own siblings to helping out in the church nursey, to helping run VBS and caring for my own kids. I studied Photography and Adobe suite for 2 years and have been shooting film and digital for almost 10 years. I am registered to do business in Lee County Florida and have a full coverage insurance policy through RV Nuccio & Associates. 

I highly recommend booking no less than 3 weeks before your desired session date. That will give us time to plan and to be sure that I can make room on my calendar. 


I’m a big fan of bold and complimentary colors. Mixing complimentary tones is the perfect way to look cohesive without being too matchy-matchy. I would absolutely stay away from the more commonly used looks: everyone in jeans and  white, Hawaiian shirts, big bold patterns, or neon colors.

I offer three different Collections from $850 to $2200. You might be thinking- “That’s expensive!” and you know what, it is. Are there other cheaper photographers? Of course. Your kids are only little for a little while and you want to remember these years forever. Make sure you choose a photographer you trust with these memories and who has a style you love and can see printed on your walls for the years to come. I want each and every family to see the value in not only the quality of your family photos, but also in having a photographer your family can be comfortable around. Also, payment plans are always available and flexible, and don’t forget to ask about Military (Active and Veteran) and First Responder discounts. Current Collections can be seen HERE.

An adventure (outdoor) session will take place either right at sunrise, for an hour, or an hour before sunset. A lifestyle (indoor) session will take place between 11am-3pm and will last an hour.

You will receive your completed gallery no later than TWO weeks after your session.

I can guarantee to have your photos backed up for one year. I will keep them after that, but due to things like hard drive failures I can not guarantee gallery archives after 1 year. Please make sure you back up for files!

Sickness and weather reschedules are always accommodated with no extra fees. However a no-show (like, you forget or fail to contact me prior to your session) will result in a forfeiture of your session fee. So, contact me if you, or your little one is sick, and we will reschedule your session! 

No worries! Just let me know preferably an hour or more before your scheduled session, and we will reschedule. I’ve got two littles of my own, I know it happens.

We both do! I have a bunch of gorgeous locations and hidden gems, but many clients have meaningful locations of their own which I’d love to check out with you!