Koreshan Historic State Park

Of course, Florida is full of little historic gems and fun places to explore. You’d be surprised at how many you can find in Fort Myers alone! There are plenty of places up and down the coast of Florida but Koreshan park may just be the strangest.

Koreshan's History

Koreshan park

Koreshan State Park offers a unique view into the past. 

“In 1893, the Koreshans, a religious sect founded by Dr. Cyrus R. Teed, moved here and built a settlement based on a commitment to communal living and a belief that the universe existed on the inside of the Earth. Living celibate lives, the enterprising Koreshans established a farm, nursery and botanical gardens.” – Florida State Parks Website

Further, there are 11 beautifully restored building for you to explore as well as several paths and walkways, an extremely memorable bridge, bamboo trails, and a campground.  

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The Beauty of Koreshan

Though some of the ideas of the people of the original Koreshan Park may be a little out there, they did create a perfect oasis of unique buildings and structures that have been perfectly preserved and maintained to keep the authenticity of the architecture. It is truly amazing to see the fountain, the original tools and instruments, and even some of the interpretations of what they may have done or made.

Visting Koreshan state Park

For just five dollars a vehicle you and your family can wander through the original grounds and see buildings like the one in the photo above. My family and I always walk through the bamboo path along the river, it takes you from the historic site to the campground. If you look carefully you may even find a geocache or two. Enjoy the park and remember, take only pictures, leave only footprints.