Lakes Park

Lakes Park got it’s start as a man-made quarry, it slowly developed into a beautiful nature preserve that has grown and changed over the years, it once had many invasive species of trees and other plant life. Lee County bought the property in 1978 and the park was developed in 1984 for the community to enjoy.

In 2004 Hurricane Charlie came through and brought down many of the trees and other natural structures that were that and caused many of the changes that we see in the park today!

Lakes Park locations

South of the bridge

Lakes Park has some absolutely lovely locations to visit while you are there. There are basically two sides to the park that are split by the long bridge that branches across the main lake. On the south side you have the playgrounds, splash pads, and many of the shelters that are available for reservation.

North of the bridge

To the north of the bridge you will find a scale model of the train you can ride, the gardens, several more rentable shelters, and many walking paths. There is also a pond with a bridge, a cactus garden, fountains, and many other surprises hiding in the gardens!

Lakes Park Florida

So why would you want to visit Lakes Park in Florida? Well, why wouldn’t you? There are so many gorgeous spots to check out! Plus, there is a walking trail that takes you completely around the entire park, as well as past parts of the train tracks. You can go over the bridge, through the back areas where you can see a small water fall and all different kinds of critters! There have even been some alligators spotted! They also have kayaks, canoes, and bikes for rent.

Lakes Park family photos

As you can see in the photos above, Lakes Park also makes a beautiful location for family pictures! Some of my favorite places to shoot are in the back garden where the cactuses are. There is also a gazebo and a bridge as well as a very large open field which I just love for letting the little ones run free! It truly is such a diverse park with so many wonderful locations to check out and visit.

Your next adventure

Whether you are looking to take your kids to the park, go for a walk, or cruise out on the water, Lakes Park is the perfect mix of diversity to do it all! While you’re there, don’t forget to stop in for an ice cream or a cool soda! 

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