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You’re always ready for an adventure!

For just a moment, when I click the shutter, it’s like magic. Everything freezes, and in that moment, for just a second, everything is still and perfect.

When our kids are grown, pictures will remind us of how small they once were. When you’re really missing them, pictures let us re-live those times when you tucked them in and kissed them goodnight. When they move out, pictures and videos are the only thing that let us see the past and allow us to sink into nostalgia and memories.
Pictures are timeless. Family is forever.

I guess this is why I adamantly believe in what I do because my job as a lifestyle photographer means more than producing beautiful images. It also capturing authentic memories which is why I put my whole heart into my work. I hope you do the same when it comes to choosing a lifestyle photographer who speaks to your heart.

I just ask one thing of you: Be 100% you. Let’s pick outfits that are authentically you. If you have pets, bring them. Do you like to fish? Or hike? Or chilling on the beach with a good book? Let me know. Bring me YOU. Because your true self is your best self. I don’t care about what society says about beauty, I care about the beauty in you. I don’t care about what society says about love. Love is love. <3 



All packages will include:

Document your family, authentically

From emails, text messages, and phone calls to my specially made questionnaires; I want to get to know you BEFORE we meet so I can focus on what’s real and important

Access to Guides and Resources:

Complementary guidance from me including locations, timelines, how to dress, and what to expect

Gorgeous photos and touching moments

Fully edited, full resolution photos

Custom private online gallery with all your images

Personal Printing Rights


Locations in SWFL STARTING AT $850

Other Florida locations STARTING AT $1000

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