Unique Family Photos: Tips and Tricks

Everyone has a camera these days, whether it’s on your phone or hanging around your neck, almost everyone has access to pictures. That being said, how many people have unique family photos? Anyone can take a selfie or a group photo, what makes a family photo unique?

What makes a unique family photo?

A unique family photo could be thought of as something that is original and different. I know, you’re wondering how a family can have pictures that are original and different from EVERYONE else out there with a camera. It’s fairly simple, actually!

The most surefire way to UNIQUE family photos is to be yourselves!

unique family photos

Candid Photography

Candid photography can be the PERFECT answer to the question of unique family photos. When looking for a photographer you should find someone that suits your style, and can offer you either the candid or posed experience you are looking for. When I do a shoot I always tell my families to simply be themselves and to relax! The camera knows when you are tense or stressed. Many families like to choose lifestyle or documentary photographers because they are comfortable in their homes and want to be themselves.

Being you

However, you might say that no two photos from different families are the same, and you’re right, they aren’t. But there are ways to have truly unique family photos: Hire a candid photographer, add personal flair to your clothing choices, relax yourself and your family before your shoot by having a dance party. 


When you find the right photographer for your family photos experience get excited! You are one step closer to truly unique family photos! Next, you’ll want to discuss with your photographer how comfortable you are with being yourself in front of the camera. You’d be surprised at how many people tell me they freeze up get awkward! Luckily, a candid photographer will have plenty of prompts to run through with you to provide direction and still be relaxed.


After the first few prompts you’ll begin to relax and fall into a rhythm with your family. It will be perfect and magical and in the end you will have truly unique family photos. And hey! Most prompts create some pretty funny memories too! 😂

I hope you found this post as helpful as I was meaning it to be! I want to provide you with as much help as I can so you feel completely comfortable with your photography decisions. For more tips and tricks click here.

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